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Brisighella olive oil

olio brisighello"Brisighella" oil is an olive oil with PDO (Protected designation of origin) status, the so called "green gold" resulting from the pressing of locally grown olives. The cultivation of olive trees in the area of the Lamone valley, where Brisighella is located, dates back more than 1,000 years. Our PDO Brisighella olive oil, made from our 1,500 ancient olive trees, is produced in compliance with the relevant production specifications: olives are handpicked and delivered to the oil mill in small crates on a daily basis. The oil is extracted using the Sinolea method (cold drip method) under controlled temperature. Its organoleptic characteristics make this oil particularly suitable not only as a healthy, tasty and balanced way of seasoning dishes, but also as a key ingredient for natural beauty products. This is why Brisighella oil is a valuable ally in the preparation of the products we use during all beauty treatments performed at Brisighella Green Wellness. Moisturizing, regenerative and anti-ageing: a real burst of energy for skin and mind.

Local cuisine

cucina romagnolaNot only the typical "piadina" flatbread: the cuisine in this area is one of the richest and tastiest in the region, having its roots in peasant traditions handed down from generation to generation. Famous dishes include "cappelletti", literally "little hats" of handmade pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese or meat and served in a rich hen or capon stock, "passatelli", a rustic type of pasta made of breadcrumbs, grated parmesan, eggs, nutmeg & lemon zest, and "tagliatelle al ragù", homemade strips of pasta with a rough texture served with a meat sauce. Plus "lasagne", made with several layers of pasta sheets alternated with various sauces, "galletto in umido" (stewed cockerel), and a wide array of local cured meats and cheeses, from salami and salsiccia to soft cheeses, like "squacquerone", and tastier ones, like "formaggio di fossa" (pit cheese). The delicious choice of desserts includes "sabadoni", sweet tortelloni filled with cooked chestnuts and apple jam, and "castagnaccio", a cake made with chestnut flour. All can be washed down with local wines: the white wines made from Albana, Trebbiano, Chardonnay and Sauvignon grape varieties and the rich red ones made from Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and ciliegiolo. An abundance of flavors that will delight you and remind you of the color, the cheerfulness and the warm-heartedness of wonderful Romagna.